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Positive progress is the result of successful learning.

I offer a comprehensive tutorial program to help get you more confident and knowledgeable to get the most out of your device. The program can be done remotely depending on product or in home. There are three (3) levels to choose from, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.


Beginner: This is for the user that has just recieved their new gadget and needs help getting it setup. Here I show you how to switch it on, send or recieve mail and how to take and save pictures. This lesson is limited to one hour and it also includes setting up the device.


Intermediate: This is for the user that wants to be more adventurous with their device and wants to get apps installed and know how to remove any app, access the resources the app needs to function.


Advanced: This is for the user that wants to use the device for business and wants to know how to use vpn, remotely connect to work station or do picture or video editing. This also includes all the tips and tricks to get your device to work when it misbehaves.


Apple, Microsoft, Ubuntu Linux and Android operating systems all supported.

All packages can be tailored to suit your needs or skill level. All of the stages come with a complimentary 7 days support just for your piece of mind. Feel free to get in touch.


No need to throw it out the window.

I offer comprehensive support packages that are designed to get you back in the black. If you need custom support feel free to give me a call to describe what service you require. Remember, am here when you Need A Techie.


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Zane Rocks.
As a NON TECHIE, I have relied on Zane's amazing knowledge and attitude for years now. I don't even go to the store where I bought the gear from?WHY NOT? long queues, bad attitudes, limited knowledge and usually no result = frustration.

With Zane I get immediate response and my problem is sorted there and then with very good prices. His knowledge on all gear is amazing. The beauty is, most times it is sorted via Remote Fix.

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